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Creative and Caring Solutions to Tough Problems

A veteran attorney with more than 40 years experience, Terry Hunt has the judgment and breadth of legal knowledge that come from working extensively in both criminal and civil litigation.

For the last 20 years he has focused that depth of experience on more unusual and difficult immigration, civil, and criminal cases, often for visitors to the US and other non-citizens who have had serious troubles with the US legal system. These include allegations of domestic violence, marriage fraud, false statements to immigration authorities and other assorted felony crimes. He has helped many of those clients to get their desired US immigration benefits, remain in school or otherwise resume their life plans.

In a very complex legal system, his extensive and varied experience has allowed him to help assorted other clients to successfully resolve a range of other civil legal problems, or help them find the right legal "specialist" to assist them.

He is caring, dedicated to his clients, sensitive to cultural issues, creative, and knowledgeable.

What Terry's Clients Say

Thank you so much for all that you did to help my son through this very traumatic court case. If we did not have you to represent him through this process, I'm not sure what we would have done. Your expertise and knowledge and instincts in handling this difficult situation was very impressive.

Mr. Hunt's is an understanding and sympathetic lawyer. He treats me like a member of his family. He is a very professional and efficient lawyer, he takes great pride in his work. My life has changed because of him.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I decided to see Mr. Hunt and my first meeting was like a breath of oxygen that I had been deprived of. He took my issues very seriously and understood my pain as if it was his own problems.


Mr. Hunt uses his extensive background in litigation and legal analysis to focus on getting immigration relief for clients with legally and factually complex cases. Examples of his successes for clients include relief from:

  • inadmissibility due to foreign felony convictions
  • alleged marriage fraud sworn to by a former spouse

Criminal Defense

Mr. Hunt has obtained not guilty verdicts from juries or case dismissals by judges in a wide range of cases, including prostitution, witness tampering, forcible rape and murder. His focus is on thoroughly and creatively investigating and analyzing both the law and the facts in a case in order to gain maximum leverage that can lead to a pre trial resolution acceptable to the client, or a successful trial if necessary.

Civil Litigation

Mr. Hunt has successfully defended clients in civil cases as varied as uninsured auto accident claims, workplace sex discrimination, and alleged federal "signal piracy" of subscription television services. He focuses on promptly and efficiently gathering all the facts and evaluating the legal issues to resolve the case on a reasonable basis or prepare for trial.

Terry Hunt
Terrance C. Hunt Attorney at Law, P.C.